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Professional Cut-off Machines

Made with professionals in mind

  • TS 420 STIHL Cutquik®

    A 14” cutting wheel puts this cut-off machine in the big...
    DSRP: $1,019.95
  • TS 500i STIHL Cutquik®

    A cut-off machine with the world’s first electronically...
    DSRP: $1,349.95
  • TS 700 STIHL Cutquik®

    This cut-off machine is designed from top to bottom for extended...
    DSRP: $1,399.95

Cut-off Machine Accessories

Additional tools for construction sites

  • Pressurized Water Tank

    Provides water flow for wet-cutting attachments when pressurized...
    DSRP: $98.95

Diamond Wheels

High-performance wheels for cutting through tough materials

Abrasive Wheels

Engineered for high-speed cutting performance